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    Travel Guide: Tourlane Lists Morocco Among Top 5 Safest Countries

    While health experts recommend staying home, Tourlane provides a travel guide with the safest countries for travelers wishing to go on a trip this summer.

    23 Mar 2021

    Rabat – Tourlane, a booking platform for dream vacations, has listed Morocco in the top five safest travel destinations for the third consecutive week. The ranking is conducted in collaboration with Johann Jones, ex-NATO director, now security advisor at Tourlane.

    Morocco first appeared on Tourlane’s list in Mid-February, two weeks after launching the vaccination campaign. It has since climbed four spots to occupy 5th place, ahead of New Zealand, Iceland, and Zimbabwe, according to Tourlane’s ranking of safest destinations, published on Monday.

    Alongside Egypt, Morocco is the only North African country to figure in the list for the third consecutive week.

    To list countries, the booking platform takes into account the risk factor which is related to the pandemic situation. The factors include the 14-day notification rate of COVID-19 cases and the International Health Regulations (IHR) score.

    Through the travel guide, Tourlane aims to ensure the safety of its travelers while reducing the risk of any potential danger.

    “Together with our emergency response team, Johann ensures Tourlane travelers are safe on every step of their journey,” said Tourlane.

    It added that Johann constantly monitors and assesses risk factors in each Tourlane destination to ensure travelers have up-to-date information on safety before they depart, and have support during their trip.

    Morocco’s success in maintaining a breakthrough vaccination campaign will likely have a positive impact on the tourism sector this summer, as travelers will be looking for countries with the least number of COVID-19 cases and a high vaccination rate.


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